Q – How much time do I have to pay my bill?

  • Payment terms are Net 30 days

Q – How soon will you finish my project?

  • Project times are approx 6 weeks from receipt of deposit.

Q – How do you apply the discount for pre-paid accounts?

  • 10% discount applies to clients who pay one year in advance and is based on hosting cost only. There are no discounts available for service charges or email services or domains.

Q –  Do you offer special discount for Churches and not for profit organizations?

  • Rates for non-profits are available on request.

Q – I don’t like to do business with people I haven’t met before, do you meet all your clients personally?

  • Like a lot of people, a face to face meeting can help build trust and communication for any project. Two face to face project meetings are included in all project pricing, where applicable.

Q –  I’d like to build another web site or enhance my existing web site with new features.

  • All open account balances must be paid before starting or continuing new work.

Q – What if I miss a payment or can’t pay my bill?

  • Services not paid in 60 days will be suspended, however we make every effort to work with our clients to understand their unique circumstances. Clients who are habitually late will be billed a month in advance or asked to pay annually.

Q – Can I be billed monthly yearly or even every other year?

  • Services are billed monthly or in any other increments, any time period which exceeds 1 year will be discounted at least 10%.

Q –  I have a large complex web site hosted with another provider but concerned about the cost of migration.

  • We’ll transfer all your files and programming and get the site up and running before anything is changed absolutely free.

Q – What if I’m not happy with my services or decide to move to another provider?

  • You are responsible for moving your site to other services, we’ll provide all files and passwords for accounts in good standing.

Q – Do you do development or support services outside your Re-Seller Network?

  • We only build web sites and program on servers we sell. Domain registration can be with any provider, but we cannot provide support to other hosting companies like Blue Host, Host Monster or Go Daddy, as they are not our partners.

Q –  As a service re-seller who provides your services?

  • We host exclusively with Rack Space and domain registration is provided by Tucows.

Q – What types of payment do you accept?

  • We accept bank checks & all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Q – What is Enterprise Web Hosting anyway?

  • Security, we are watching the network at all times for attacks.
  • Scalability, we are able to upgrade the system or even  put up another system or two up for you to use at a moments notice if you foresee a significant traffic increase.
  • Availability – The network will always be up and running so users/clients can get to your web site.
  • Performance – The network is constantly tested for  (low latency) .
  • Reliability – The network and hardware are available , and most importantly, reliable.