Security and Updates

The number one reason why companies use our services – we personalize the support experience and provide proactive software updates and security improvements at no cost.


More than any other service we provide, security is our top priority.  If you select one of our  Shared VPS servers you only share with 5-6 of our clients. Although not as secure as having your own dedicated VPS, it allows us to sell VPS services at shared prices and still maintain a high level of security integrity. Most companies like Go Daddy, Host Monster and Blue Host have hundreds of web sites hosted on one very large server. This way of providing inexpensive hosting comes at the cost of security. You don’t know your neighbors and with the right knowledge and tools they can break into your web site. Typical shared hosting like this is not secure.

When hackers come knocking, we respond by blocking their IP using automated software. Most denial of service attacks are meant to disrupt not cause damage. They simply use up resources until your web site becomes unavailable. Left unchecked this can cost clients hundreds of dollars in unnecessary hosting resource increases or worse make the site unavailable at critical times.

We try and keep malware and site hijacking in check, by keeping many weeks of backups and software up to date for applications and operating systems. Limiting who has access to your server, even our partners, Rack Space, further decreases the possibility of an internal security breaches and keeps your site safe.